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Current conditions for Troutdale as of Tue, 28 Jul 2015 7:52 am PDT



High: 96° Low: 62°


Feels like: 59 °F

Barometer: 30.24 in and steady

Humidity: 75%

Visibility: 10 mi

Dewpoint: 62 °F

Wind: 0 mph

Sunrise: 5:46 am

Sunset: 8:42 pm

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Amanda Carey: Green Movement Dead In The Water

source: GWPF

A careful look at the history of environmental activism shows how the movement has been unravelling. Now it seems to be dead in the water.

In 2012, three years into President Barack Obama’s first term, green activists are asking, “What went wrong?” Where are all the new laws and regulations regulating energy use […]