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Real Climate

  • Climate Oscillations and the Global Warming Faux Pause - No, climate change is not experiencing a hiatus. No, there is not currently a “pause” in global warming. Despite widespread such claims in contrarian circles, human-caused warming of the globe proceeds unabated. Indeed, the most recent year (2014) was likely the warmest year on record. It is true that Earth’s surface warmed a bit less […]
  • The Soon fallacy - As many will have read, there were a number of press reports (NYT, Guardian, InsideClimate) about the non-disclosure of Willie Soon’s corporate funding (from Southern Company (an energy utility), Koch Industries, etc.) when publishing results in journals that require such disclosures. There are certainly some interesting questions to be asked (by the OIG!) about adherence […]
  • The mystery of the offset chronologies: Tree rings and the volcanic record of the 1st millennium - Guest commentary by Jonny McAneney Volcanism can have an important impact on climate. When a large volcano erupts it can inject vast amounts of dust and sulphur compounds into the stratosphere, where they alter the radiation balance. While the suspended dust can temporarily block sunlight, the dominant effect in volcanic forcing is the sulphur, which […]
  • Noise on the Telegraph - I was surprised by the shrill headlines from a British newspaper with the old fashioned name the Telegraph: “The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever”. So what is this all about? The story makes serious allegations, however Victor Venema explains why the Telegraph got it wrong in Variable Variability, and makes […]
  • Unforced Variations: Feb 2015 - This month’s open thread.
  • Thoughts on 2014 and ongoing temperature trends - Last Friday, NASA GISS and NOAA NCDC had a press conference and jointly announced the end-of-year analysis for the 2014 global surface temperature anomaly which, in both analyses, came out top. As you may have noticed, this got much more press attention than their joint announcement in 2013 (which wasn’t a record year). In press […]
  • A new sea level curve - The “zoo” of global sea level curves calculated from tide gauge data has grown – tomorrow a new reconstruction of our US colleagues around Carling Hay from Harvard University will appear in Nature . That is a good opportunity for an overview over the available data curves. The differences are really in the details, the […]
  • Diagnosing Causes of Sea Level Rise - Guest post by Sarah G. Purkey and Gregory C. Johnson, University of Washington / NOAA I solicited this post from colleagues at the University of Washington. I found particularly interesting because it gets at the question of sea level rise from a combination of ocean altimetry and density (temperature + salinity) data. This kind of […]
  • Unforced Variations: Jan 2015 - This month’s open thread. Sorry for the slow start – you know what it’s like after the holidays…
  • Absolute temperatures and relative anomalies - Most of the images showing the transient changes in global mean temperatures (GMT) over the 20th Century and projections out to the 21st C, show temperature anomalies. An anomaly is the change in temperature relative to a baseline which usually the pre-industrial period, or a more recent climatology (1951-1980, or 1980-1999 etc.). With very few […]

Climate Depot

Climate Skeptic

  • Manual Adjustments in the Temperature Record - I have been getting inquiries from folks asking me what I think about stories like this one, where Paul Homewood has been looking at the manual adjustments to raw temperature data and finding that the adjustments actually reverse the trends from cooling to warming.  Here is an example of the comparisons he did: Raw, before […]
  • Mistaking Cyclical Variations for the Trend - I titled my very first climate video “What is Normal,” alluding to the fact that climate doomsayers argue that we have shifted aspects of the climate (temperature, hurricanes, etc.) from “normal” without us even having enough historical perspective to say what “normal” is. A more sophisticated way to restate this same point would be to […]
  • Typhoons and Hurricanes - (Cross-posted from Coyoteblog) The science that CO2 is a greenhouse gas and causes some warming is hard to dispute.  The science that Earth is dominated by net positive feedbacks that increase modest greenhouse gas warming to catastrophic levels is very debatable.  The science that man’s CO2 is already causing an increase in violent and severe […]
  • Those Who Follow Climate Will Definitely Recognize This - This issue will be familiar to anyone who has spent time with temperature graphs.  We can ask ourselves if 1 degree of global warming is a lot, when it is small compared to seasonal variations, or even intra-day variation, you would find in most locations.  That is not a trick question.  It might be important, […]
  • Layman’s Primer on the Climate Skeptic Position - I am a “lukewarmer”, which means a skeptic that agrees that man-made CO2 is incrementally warming the Earth but believes that the amount of that warming is being greatly exaggerated.  In addition, I believe that the science behind evidence of current “climate change” is really poor, with folks in the media using observations of tail-of-the-distribution weather […]
  • When Climate Alarmism Limits Environmental Progress - One of my favorite sayings is that “years from now, environmentalists will look back on the current obsession with global warming and say that it did incredible harm to real environmental progress.”  The reason is that there are many environmental problems worse than the likely impact of man-made global warming that would cost substantially less […]
  • Why We Are Exaggerating “Extreme Weather” - I have written in article at Forbes.com called Summer of the Shark, Global Warming Edition.  It describes why the media, and many average citizens, are exaggerating the degree and effects of extreme weather.  Here is a preview of that article, but I encourage you to read it all In the summer of 2001, a little boy […]
  • HydroInfra: Scam! Investment Honeypot for Climate Alarmists - Cross-posted from Coyoteblog. I got an email today from some random Gmail account asking me to write about HyrdoInfra.  OK.  The email begins: “HydroInfra Technologies (HIT) is a Stockholm based clean tech company that has developed an innovative approach to neutralizing carbon fuel emissions from power plants and other polluting industries that burn fossil fuels.” […]
  • Presentation: The Science of the Skeptic Position - Here is the most recent version of my presentation “Don’t Panic: The Science of the Climate Skeptic Position” I am working to add the narration to it in video form so it is easier to follow. Until I can get that posted, here is my older version of the presentation: Catastrophe Denied: The Science of […]
  • Switching Back to Disqus - For a variety of reasons, I had to turn off Disqus a while back.  We are going back to it for comments.  Over the next few days you may see comments on old posts disappear and reappear.  If I don’t screw up, within 48 hours all existing comments should be back.

Watts Up With That

  • Study: Green household products have hidden toxic hazards - From the University of Melbourne: Hidden hazards found in green products Dr. Anne Steinemann, Professor of Civil Engineering, and the Chair of Sustainable Cities, from the Department of Infrastructure Engineering, Melbourne School of Engineering, is a world expert on environmental pollutants, air quality, and health effects. Professor Steinemann investigated and compared volatile organic compounds (VOCs)…
  • NOAA Claims: ‘Elusive El Niño arrives’ – the question is, ‘where’? - When I got this press release from NOAA a few minutes ago, the first thing I did was check the NOAA NESDIS sea surface temperature map for the tell-tale El Niño pattern signature, because NOAA didn’t include any SST graphic in the press release. I sure don’t see an El Niño pattern in today’s SST product.Now,…
  • Another Couple of Notes about Michael Mann’s “Faux Pause” Post and Steinman et al. 2015 - Guest Post by Bob Tisdale We discussed Steinman et al. (2015) and Michael Mann’s post about it at RealClimate in the article On Steinman et al. (2015) – Michael Mann and Company Redefine Multidecadal Variability And Wind Up Illustrating Climate Model Failings. This brief post adds to that discussion. THE PAUSE, HIATUS, SLOWDOWN (WHATEVER) IN GLOBAL…
  • State of the Sea Ice – February 2015 - Guest essay by Robert A Cook, PE Sea ice concentration, north and south poles as observed by satellite. Image from University of Illinois Cryosphere Today In particular, for the twenty-second of each month, we will calculate and present for discussion: that day’s solar radiation level at top of atmosphere (TOA), that day’s declination angle (the…
  • Aussie Govt Report: Climate Change could be Beneficial - “Where regions become warmer or wetter this may allow for increased agricultural output – while others may be harmful,” Eric Worrall reports: A new government report is creating shock in the Australian climate fraternity, with its almost blasphemous suggestion, that in some respects, the current global temperature  might not be the ultimate climatic optimum we…
  • Rebutting the claim: Did Human-Caused Climate Change Lead to War in Syria? - The Current Wisdom is a series of monthly articles in which Patrick J. Michaels, director of the Center for the Study of Science, reviews interesting items on global warming in the scientific literature that may not have received the media attention that they deserved, or have been misinterpreted in the popular press. By Paul C.…
  • Nominate Judith Curry as the next Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change - With Rajenda K. Pachauri now “toast“, and an AR6 in the works, this is this most logical choice forward. Guest essay by Tom Fuller WE PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO: Nominate Judith Curry as the next Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, an organization created by the…
  • Eyeroller: American Thoracic Society Survey Says – Climate change affects your health! - From the exaggeration department …because that extra 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit is somehow far more powerful than the range of climate and weather extremes that human experience and live in daily. And, since when is an opinion poll equal to science? Next they’ll be telling us that 97% of Thoracic physicians… Climate change affects human health,…
  • IPCC The Politics of Bureaucracies: Pachauri’s Bizarre Tip Of Iceberg - Guest Opinion: Dr. Tim Ball Why do polls show the public is unconcerned about global warming or climate change, yet most politicians continue to support considerable funding for research and the push for remedial action? The Pew Centre consistently place global warming near the bottom (Figure 1). Figure 1 A UN poll, which should influence…
  • Believe It or Not There Are Plans for a 6th Assessment Report from the IPCC - Guest Post by Bob Tisdale The IPCC press release IPCC takes decisions on future work dated 17 February 2015 begins: The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has taken a series of decisions to make its reports more accessible and involve developing countries more closely in its work. The decisions, following a review of the…
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