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Real Climate

  • How long does it take Antarctica to notice the Northern Hemisphere is warming? - Eric Steig A series of large and abrupt climate changes occurred during the last ice age, most clearly expressed in ice cores from Greenland and other paleoclimate data from the circum-North-Atlantic region. Since the discovery of these events, we’ve been trying to pin down the timing of abrupt climate changes elsewhere on the globe. Were […]
  • Nenana Ice Classic 2015 - Unsurprisingly to anyone looking at the exceptionally warm winter on the West Coast of North America, the Nenana Ice Classic had another near-record early breakup on Friday, netting some lucky winner(s) around $300,000 in prizes. As I’ve discussed previously (last year and an update), the Ice Classic is a lottery that has been run every […]
  • The return of the iris effect? - Guest commentary from Andy Dessler (TAMU) When a new scientific hypothesis is published, two questions always occur to me: Did the authors convincingly show the hypothesis was correct? If not, is the hypothesis actually correct? The answers to these two questions may not be the same. A good example is Wegener’s theory of continental drift […]
  • An Online University Course on the Science of Climate Science Denial - Guest post from John Cook, University of Queensland For many years, RealClimate has been educating the public about climate science. The value of climate scientists patiently explaining the science and rebutting misinformation directly with the public cannot be overestimated. When I began investigating this issue, my initial searches led me here, which was invaluable in […]
  • A Scientific Debate - Guest posting from Bill Ruddiman, University of Virginia Recently I’ve read claims that some scientists are opposed to AGW but won’t speak out because they fear censure from a nearly monolithic community intent on imposing a mainstream view. Yet my last 10 years of personal experience refute this claim. This story began late in 2003 […]
  • Unforced Variations: April 2015 - April already? Time for a new climate science open thread…
  • Reflections on Ringberg - Constraining climate sensitivity turns out to depend on subtle non-linearities and cloud feedbacks.
  • A hypothesis about the cold winter in eastern North America + Update - The past winter was globally the warmest on record. At the same time it set a new cold record in the subpolar North Atlantic – and it was very cold in the eastern parts of North America. Are these things related? Two weeks ago NOAA published the following map of temperature anomalies for the past […]
  • What’s going on in the North Atlantic? - The North Atlantic between Newfoundland and Ireland is practically the only region of the world that has defied global warming and even cooled. Last winter there even was the coldest on record – while globally it was the hottest on record. Our recent study (Rahmstorf et al. 2015) attributes this to a weakening of the […]
  • Climate Sensitivity Week - Some of you will be aware that there is a workshop on Climate Sensitivity this week at Schloss Ringberg in southern Germany. The topics to be covered include how sensitivity is defined (and whether it is even meaningful (Spoiler, yes it is)), what it means, how it can be constrained, what the different flavours signify […]

Climate Depot

Climate Skeptic

  • Manual Adjustments in the Temperature Record - I have been getting inquiries from folks asking me what I think about stories like this one, where Paul Homewood has been looking at the manual adjustments to raw temperature data and finding that the adjustments actually reverse the trends from cooling to warming.  Here is an example of the comparisons he did: Raw, before […]
  • Mistaking Cyclical Variations for the Trend - I titled my very first climate video “What is Normal,” alluding to the fact that climate doomsayers argue that we have shifted aspects of the climate (temperature, hurricanes, etc.) from “normal” without us even having enough historical perspective to say what “normal” is. A more sophisticated way to restate this same point would be to […]
  • Typhoons and Hurricanes - (Cross-posted from Coyoteblog) The science that CO2 is a greenhouse gas and causes some warming is hard to dispute.  The science that Earth is dominated by net positive feedbacks that increase modest greenhouse gas warming to catastrophic levels is very debatable.  The science that man’s CO2 is already causing an increase in violent and severe […]
  • Those Who Follow Climate Will Definitely Recognize This - This issue will be familiar to anyone who has spent time with temperature graphs.  We can ask ourselves if 1 degree of global warming is a lot, when it is small compared to seasonal variations, or even intra-day variation, you would find in most locations.  That is not a trick question.  It might be important, […]
  • Layman’s Primer on the Climate Skeptic Position - I am a “lukewarmer”, which means a skeptic that agrees that man-made CO2 is incrementally warming the Earth but believes that the amount of that warming is being greatly exaggerated.  In addition, I believe that the science behind evidence of current “climate change” is really poor, with folks in the media using observations of tail-of-the-distribution weather […]
  • When Climate Alarmism Limits Environmental Progress - One of my favorite sayings is that “years from now, environmentalists will look back on the current obsession with global warming and say that it did incredible harm to real environmental progress.”  The reason is that there are many environmental problems worse than the likely impact of man-made global warming that would cost substantially less […]
  • Why We Are Exaggerating “Extreme Weather” - I have written in article at Forbes.com called Summer of the Shark, Global Warming Edition.  It describes why the media, and many average citizens, are exaggerating the degree and effects of extreme weather.  Here is a preview of that article, but I encourage you to read it all In the summer of 2001, a little boy […]
  • HydroInfra: Scam! Investment Honeypot for Climate Alarmists - Cross-posted from Coyoteblog. I got an email today from some random Gmail account asking me to write about HyrdoInfra.  OK.  The email begins: “HydroInfra Technologies (HIT) is a Stockholm based clean tech company that has developed an innovative approach to neutralizing carbon fuel emissions from power plants and other polluting industries that burn fossil fuels.” […]
  • Presentation: The Science of the Skeptic Position - Here is the most recent version of my presentation “Don’t Panic: The Science of the Climate Skeptic Position” I am working to add the narration to it in video form so it is easier to follow. Until I can get that posted, here is my older version of the presentation: Catastrophe Denied: The Science of […]
  • Switching Back to Disqus - For a variety of reasons, I had to turn off Disqus a while back.  We are going back to it for comments.  Over the next few days you may see comments on old posts disappear and reappear.  If I don’t screw up, within 48 hours all existing comments should be back.

Watts Up With That

  • Climate Science take note: New gold standard established for open and reproducible research - From the University of Cambridge: A group of Cambridge computer scientists have set a new gold standard for openness and reproducibility in research by sharing the more than 200GB of data and 20,000 lines of code behind their latest results – an unprecedented degree of openness in a peer-reviewed publication. The researchers hope that this…
  • A Prediction Coming True? - Guest essay  by David Archibald Pierre Gosselin of NoTricksZone has a post by Mike Brakey on NOAA adjustments of the temperature record of Lewiston-Auburn, Maine. In short, the NOAA are shameless liars. Their cooling of the past to keep the global warming meme alive reminds me of the old Soviet joke – the future is…
  • UN’s frantic climate marketing effort - Guest essay by Eric Worrall UN climate chief Christiana Figueres appears to be doing the rounds, attempting to drum up support for meaningful Paris climate pledges – which currently fall far short of what climate apparatchiks wanted. The latest stop on her tour is a visit to Australia. According to the Guardian; The UN climate…
  • El Niño has not yet paused the Pause - Global temperature update: no warming for 18 years 5 months By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley Since December 1996 there has been no global warming at all (Fig. 1). This month’s RSS temperature – still unaffected by the most persistent el Niño conditions of the current weak cycle – shows a new record length for the…
  • Study: Warm oceans caused hottest Dust Bowl years in 1934/36 - Ocean hot spots could help today’s long-range weather forecasters predict extreme summers for Central US From the University of New South Wales, this reminds me of the recent issue over the “warm blob” in the Pacific which is strengthening and the current drought situation in the USA. A video follows. Two ocean hot spots have…
  • Prince Charles: Prince of Green Hypocrites - Guest opinion; Dr. Tim Ball At a 2014 Buckingham Palace presentation Prince Charles said, It is baffling, I must say, that in our modern world we have such blind trust in science and technology that we all accept what science tells us about everything – until, that is, it comes to climate science.” “All of…
  • Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #178 - The Week That Was: 2015-05-02 (May 2, 2015) Brought to You by SEPP (www.SEPP.org) The Science and Environmental Policy Project THIS WEEK: By Ken Haapala, President, Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP) Uncertainty: On her web site, Climate Etc., Judith Curry posted her notes on her latest presentation of what she calls the Uncertainty Monster.…
  • Le Chatelier And Climate Change (Now Includes March Data) - Guest Post by Werner Brozek, Edited by Just The Facts: Lubos Motl has an excellent article entitled: “Le Chatelier’s principle and nature’s adaptation” If this topic interests you, I would highly recommend that you read it. “Le Châtelier’s principle can be stated as: When a system at equilibrium is subjected to change in concentration, temperature, volume, or pressure,…
  • Talking Truth to the Climate Consensus - A sound bite summary* Guest essay by Rud Istvan The climate consensus has two levels of derogation for those who disagree. Climate ‘contrarians’ like Bjørn Lomborg disagree about mitigation policies. Climate ‘deniers’ like Judith Curry disagree about the underlying climatology. The consensus does not want disagreement, since the ‘science is settled’. They decline to engage…
  • At least Dr. Ben Santer didn’t threaten to ‘beat the crap out of [me]’ - People send me stuff. In this case it is a video by Dr. Ben Santer from the execrable online course on ‘climate denial’ aka Denial101x taught by cartoonist turned climate activist John Cook. I have made it a point to ignore John Cook’s state-sponsored hatefest on this website, but this was just too good to…
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