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Real Climate

  • Hiatus or Bye-atus? - Guest commentary by Stephan Lewandowsky, James Risbey and Naomi Oreskes The idea that global warming has “stopped” has long been a contrarian talking point. This framing has found entry into the scientific literature and there are now numerous articles that address a presumed recent “pause” or “hiatus” in global warming. Moreover, the “hiatus” also featured […]
  • Reports of our demise… - … have of course been greatly exaggerated. But we are having some issues with our domain name. The back story is perhaps interesting to others, so here is quick summary of the situation. Update: The account details have been restored and the domains renewed. We should be back to normal in a couple of days. […]
  • And the winner is… - Remember the forecast of a temporary global cooling which made headlines around the world in 2008? We didn’t think it was reliable and offered a bet. The forecast period is now over: we were right, the forecast was not skillful. Back around 2007/8, two high-profile papers claimed to produce, for the first time, skilful predictions […]
  • So what is really happening in Antarctica? - The recent paper by Zwally et al. in the Journal of Glaciology has been widely reported as evidence that Antarctic is gaining mass, and hence lowering sea level. Is it? Expert Jonathan Bamber weighs in. Guest post by Jonathan Bamber, University of Bristol There have been quite few big media stories related to Antarctica recently, […]
  • Unforced Variations: Nov 2015 - This month’s open thread.
  • Climate change is coming to a place near you - What are the local consequences of a continued global warming? And what kind of future climate can you expect for you children? Do we expect more extreme events, and will a global warming affect the statistics of storms? Another question is how the local changes matters for local communities and the ecosystem. It may be […]
  • Unforced variations: Oct 2015 - This month’s open thread. Since most climate related discussion this month will be focussed on the COP21… What is (or should be) the role of climate science in the upcoming negotiations? Discuss.
  • Unforced Variations: Sept. 2015 - This month’s open thread.
  • Bjørn Lomborg, just a scientist with a different opinion? - Bjørn Lomborg is a well-known media personality who argues that there are more important priorities than reducing emissions to limit global warming. In a recent controversy centering on him, the Australian government (known for its contradictory position on climate change) offered the University of Western Australia (UWA) $4 million to make Lomborg professor – which […]
  • Let’s learn from mistakes - The publication ‘Learning from mistakes in climate research’ is the result of a long-winded story with a number of surprises. At least to me. I have decided to share this story with our readers, since it in some aspects is closely linked with RealClimate. The core of this story is the reproduction and assessment of […]

Climate Depot

Climate Skeptic

  • Matt Ridley: What the Climate Wars Did to Science - I cannot recommend Matt Ridley’s new article strongly enough.  It covers a lot of ground be here are a few highlights. Ridley argues that science generally works (in a manner entirely parallel to how well-functioning commercial markets work) because there are generally incentives to challenge hypotheses.  I would add that if anything, the incentives tend […]
  • Manual Adjustments in the Temperature Record - I have been getting inquiries from folks asking me what I think about stories like this one, where Paul Homewood has been looking at the manual adjustments to raw temperature data and finding that the adjustments actually reverse the trends from cooling to warming.  Here is an example of the comparisons he did: Raw, before […]
  • Mistaking Cyclical Variations for the Trend - I titled my very first climate video “What is Normal,” alluding to the fact that climate doomsayers argue that we have shifted aspects of the climate (temperature, hurricanes, etc.) from “normal” without us even having enough historical perspective to say what “normal” is. A more sophisticated way to restate this same point would be to […]
  • Typhoons and Hurricanes - (Cross-posted from Coyoteblog) The science that CO2 is a greenhouse gas and causes some warming is hard to dispute.  The science that Earth is dominated by net positive feedbacks that increase modest greenhouse gas warming to catastrophic levels is very debatable.  The science that man’s CO2 is already causing an increase in violent and severe […]
  • Those Who Follow Climate Will Definitely Recognize This - This issue will be familiar to anyone who has spent time with temperature graphs.  We can ask ourselves if 1 degree of global warming is a lot, when it is small compared to seasonal variations, or even intra-day variation, you would find in most locations.  That is not a trick question.  It might be important, […]
  • Layman’s Primer on the Climate Skeptic Position - I am a “lukewarmer”, which means a skeptic that agrees that man-made CO2 is incrementally warming the Earth but believes that the amount of that warming is being greatly exaggerated.  In addition, I believe that the science behind evidence of current “climate change” is really poor, with folks in the media using observations of tail-of-the-distribution weather […]
  • When Climate Alarmism Limits Environmental Progress - One of my favorite sayings is that “years from now, environmentalists will look back on the current obsession with global warming and say that it did incredible harm to real environmental progress.”  The reason is that there are many environmental problems worse than the likely impact of man-made global warming that would cost substantially less […]
  • Why We Are Exaggerating “Extreme Weather” - I have written in article at Forbes.com called Summer of the Shark, Global Warming Edition.  It describes why the media, and many average citizens, are exaggerating the degree and effects of extreme weather.  Here is a preview of that article, but I encourage you to read it all In the summer of 2001, a little boy […]
  • HydroInfra: Scam! Investment Honeypot for Climate Alarmists - Cross-posted from Coyoteblog. I got an email today from some random Gmail account asking me to write about HyrdoInfra.  OK.  The email begins: “HydroInfra Technologies (HIT) is a Stockholm based clean tech company that has developed an innovative approach to neutralizing carbon fuel emissions from power plants and other polluting industries that burn fossil fuels.” […]
  • Presentation: The Science of the Skeptic Position - Here is the most recent version of my presentation “Don’t Panic: The Science of the Climate Skeptic Position” I am working to add the narration to it in video form so it is easier to follow. Until I can get that posted, here is my older version of the presentation: Catastrophe Denied: The Science of […]

Watts Up With That

  • An Important Lesson On The Anniversary of Climategate. - Guest Opinion: Dr. Tim Ball I keep adding to my homemade list of aphorisms as events in this crazy world over take me. One I listed says, Rules designed to facilitate operations bring them to a halt when people work to rule. Misuse of rules was central to the corruption of climate science and, sadly…
  • Increased carbon dioxide enhances plankton growth, opposite of what was expected - Science study reports that coccolithophores’ abundance has increased by an order of magnitude since 1960s, significantly changing ocean garden From the BIGELOW LABORATORY FOR OCEAN SCIENCES Coccolithophores–tiny calcifying plants that are part of the foundation of the marine food web–have been increasing in relative abundance in the North Atlantic over the last 45 years, as…
  • Similarities to Jim Jones and the Cult of Climate Change - Guest opinion by Arkady Bukh, Esq The apocalypse of an alleged climate change shares many of Jones’ cult-like qualities. Jim Jones, the People’s Temple leader, led over 900 persons to commit suicide 32 years ago. Jones was charismatic and knowledgeable of both Scriptures and human behavior. After the mass murder/suicide and the murder of U.S. Congressman,…
  • Petition Congress to Investigate USGS Polar Bear Research Methods - More Research Finds Polar Bears’ Condition Unaffected by Reduced Summer Sea Ice. Guest essay by Jim Steele Director emeritus Sierra Nevada Field Campus, San Francisco State University and author of Landscapes & Cycles: An Environmentalist’s Journey to Climate Skepticism Reasons to Petition Congress to Investigate USGS’ Dubious Polar Bear Claims Sign Petition Here: Although the…
  • Report: Global growth in CO2 emissions stagnates - From the “just in time for Paris” and “impending doom canceled” department comes this report from the EUROPEAN COMMISSION JOINT RESEARCH CENTRE: After a decade of rapid growth in global CO2 emissions, which increased at an average annual rate of 4%, much smaller increases were registered in 2012 (0.8%), 2013 (1.5%) and 2014 (0.5%). In 2014,…
  • Climate Divestment Rhetoric, Meet Reality - Guest essay by Eric Worrall The Australian ABC has unusually printed an almost balanced article, about the future prospects of coal, in which they contrast the sharp divide between green divestment rhetoric, and the market reality, which is that demand for coal is soaring. World in danger of spending trillions on unviable fossil fuel projects,…
  • Renewables: The Big Investment Opportunity which Needs Generous Government Support - Guest essay by Eric Worrall Our old friend Tim Flannery, whose advice helped convince the Australian Government to squander billions of dollars on useless desalination plants, claims that renewables are a “huge economic opportunity”. IT IS being hailed as the next big boom that has the potential to revolutionise our economy. But unless Australia ramps…
  • About spurious correlations and causation of the CO2 increase… - Guest essay by Ferdinand Engelbeen Both Bart Bartemis and Dr. Murray Salby are confident that temperature is the only/main cause of the CO2 increase in the atmosphere. I am pretty sure that human emissions are to blame. With this contribution I hope to give a definitive answer… 1. Introduction. Some of you may remember the…
  • Study demonstrates a pattern in ‘how scientists lie about their data’ - From Stanford University:  Stanford researchers uncover patterns in how scientists lie about their data When scientists falsify data, they try to cover it up by writing differently in their published works. A pair of Stanford researchers have devised a way of identifying these written clues. BY BJORN CAREY Stanford communication scholars have devised an ‘obfuscation…
  • CO2 residence time said to be 40 years, not 1000 per previous claims - Readers may recall claims of 1000 year residence times for CO2. This essay suggests a much shorter interval. -Anthony Guest essay by Ari Halperin Surplus CO2 is removed from the atmosphere by natural sinks at a rate proportional to the surplus CO2 concentration.  The half-life of the surplus CO2 concentration is approximately 40 years.  This…
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